Why this course? And what makes it different?

Resorting to savagery in a crisis is easy. It’s in our DNA. But maintaining our humanity—that’s what makes life worth living.

That is why we decided to create this course. You see, there are too many preppers out there who believe the world is in an unrecoverable tailspin. As a result, after any major disaster, they maintain we will simply surrender to the chaos around us and do horrific things to one another just to get by.

We at Ready To Thrive and Apex Self-Reliance believe there’s another path forward—one built on mutual respect, neighbourly support and resource sharing in order to bolster a community’s unity and resilience.

So all the courses in our catalogue are founded on that premise. We believe there is strength in numbers, and if disaster strikes, we intend to lean on each other for support, for strength, and for the resolve to do what’s right—no matter what.

We need you—but first you need some training!