Urban Survival I

In this two-day course, you will learn how to prepare and secure all your vital docs and valuables; how to safely store and purify water; how to establish a secure pantry; how to assemble an effective bug-out bag; how to find terrific gear for bargain prices; how to conduct a proper home assessment; and other key skills needed to survive the first 30 days after a disaster.

Note: this course is for beginners, and is taught entirely in the classroom, so we recommend that you begin your prepping journey here.

Urban Survival II

This two-day course will challenge you to your core—not physically—but ethically, because we’ll be discussing the many challenges, threats, and setbacks that might befall you if services and a semblance of good order aren’t restored within 30 days. Topics include covert urban movement, geocaching, grey man theory, guerrilla gardening, urban foraging, and fortifying your home against intruders.

Note: this course builds on the skills acquired in Urban Survival I, which is a prerequisite for enrolment.

Wilderness Survival I

This two-day course covers basic shelter construction, fire making, map reading and land navigation, animal tracking, basic bush crafting, wild plant foraging, simple traps and snares, and water catchment techniques.

Note; although this is a beginner course, it does assume a certain level of physical fitness and is taught entirely outdoors. Class size is limited to 5 students.

Wilderness Survival II

This three-day course is the capstone of the survival series, and is the most physically demanding, as well. You will learn advanced shelter construction, tracking, long-distance dead reckoning, night movement and surveillance, advanced traps and snares, and improvised weapon construction.

Note: this course builds on everything taught in Wilderness Survival I, which is a prerequisite for enrolment. Naturally, this class is taught entirely outdoors. Class size is limited to 5 students.

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